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Managing “Millenials”: The Value of an Online MBA

22 June, 2020

Managing the “millenial” generation requies a combination of proven leadership practices and creative strategies that younger employees will embrace. The most recent generation to integrate into the American workforce brings a set of different attitudes and more important, a vastly different set of expectations. Born into families parented by Baby …

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“How Will an MBA Help My Career?”

17 June, 2020

The MBA has taken a bit of criticism lately, with some calling out the credential for, in the current job market, not ensuring the same degree of financial success for graduates as it once did. Critics claim that this, in some cases, makes pursuing a traditional, on-campus MBA a bad …

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The Government Shutdown’s Impact on Business

1 November, 2013

When pundits and politicians dissect the government shutdown, the first topic of discussion is often the economic impact. The shutdown of 2013, which is the 18th shutdown since the 1970s, raises questions about the United States’ ability to create a budget that actually works for the American people. This uncertainty …

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Why the Twitter IPO is Big News in Tech

26 September, 2013

Traders everywhere watched as Twitter filed for the confidential initial public offering of stocks at the Securities and Exchange Commission two weeks ago. Since then, the Internet has been abuzz with speculation on what the Twitter IPO will do for the popular social media platform, valued at roughly $10 billion. …

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Exploring the Kodak Bankruptcy

5 September, 2013

The financial market meltdown of late 2007 reverberated throughout the entire United States economy. Companies of all sizes and from every industry felt at least some effect of the financial collapse. Even venerable corporate institutions such as Eastman Kodak experienced dramatic sales declines and soaring costs. After 19 months of …

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