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Q: Is the cost of materials included in tuition?

A: Yes. Not only is UNOH’s online MBA program exceptionally affordable, but the costs you incur are even less, as we include the cost of materials. No additional textbooks are required.

Q: How often do I need to log in to my course each week?

A: It is recommended that you log in to your online classroom on a daily basis. At a minimum, you should log in to your online classroom at least three times per week. If you do not, you risk falling behind. Students can expect to spend approximately 8-12 hours per week on their coursework for each class they are registered for.

Q: Do I have to log in at specific times of the day?

A: No. The coursework at University of Northwestern Ohio is 100% asynchronous, meaning that there are no set meeting times unless special arrangements are made with the instructor.

Q: What is the lecture format?

A: There are 10 modules (and 8 modules during summer quarter) with homework, drop boxes, and discussion boards. Many courses have video or audio components. All courses utilize the discussion boards.

Q: Are there group projects involved in the online programs?

A: Yes. In some courses, group projects are required and full details will be made available by your course instructor.

Q: Will I be required to complete a thesis at the end of my program?

A: No. UNOH does not currently require the completion of a thesis at the end of the MBA program, but all students are required to take MBA 690 – Management Capstone.

Q: Why doesn’t UNOH require that I take the GMAT exam to be admitted to the Online MBA program?

A: The MBA program at the University of Northwestern Ohio is proud to be a leader in holistic admission reviews. We take a personalized approach to reviewing applications, and we feel that there are many ways to gauge readiness for advanced study. Visit our online MBA without GMAT requirements page to learn more.

Q: How quickly can I expect my instructor to answer any question I may have?

A: Your instructor should typically respond to your questions within 48 hours of receiving your message sent through your course or email.

Q: If needed, am I allowed to take a break from the program?

A: Yes, you are able to take time off from your program. Students wishing to take a break from the program must contact the Racers Online Support Department at racersonline@unoh.edu.

Q: Am I required to complete my program within a certain time frame?

A: Yes. You must complete the MBA program within five years.

Q: If I run into an issue with an online course is there anyone I can contact?

Help is available by submitting a UNOH IT Helpdesk ticket at https://support.unoh.edu/support-form.php or racersonline@unoh.edu. The ticket will help with password issues and Canvas problems. For course specific questions, please contact your professor.

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